Several works have been done in collaboration with other designers. It covers both architectural tasks and interior design.  
I was a part of the design team of Polish Pavilion for Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The work was done by WWAA. I was working on the details of the fascades, including coordination with project engneneer Buro Happold.  
As part of Towarzystwo Projektowe team I was in charge of the design of Cafe Poczekalnia. The modernisation was based on the oryginal architecture, but the function of the former waiting room has been changed into cofee shop. 
With Towarzystwo Projektowe I was preparing exexution design of the interiors of National Forum of Music in Wroclaw. I was responsible of the main lobby area. 
Concept Business Park was designed for APA Grupa. I was involved in conceptualizing and programming. 
Complex project of the interior design for legal firm on Jasna street. In collaboration with Paulina Starun and Szymon Wanik, APA Grupa. Completion: end of 2014
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